Sarah Lynch has been working with words professionally for over sixteen years, first as a media manager overseeing the work of editors and writers, then as a novelist, editor and poet. She’s written over fifty books under three different pen names, produced content for several online publications and partnered with lots of different authors to produce five charity anthologies. Therefore you might say that typically, words are her thing. However, she’s also a kick-ass events organiser.

Books at Beverley Races was her first literary event, put together in 2021. It was the only UK literary event of its kind to take place in a year when the Covid-19 pandemic was still keeping people mostly confined to their homes.

With so many events having to be rescheduled because of the pandemic, Sarah spotted an opportunity to get people together at her local racecourse and raise a few quid for charity in the process. It was a random challenge to herself – to do something to put a smile on so many people’s faces!

In fact, it was an event that was so well received – even within the confines of Covid circumstances – that Sarah decided to put on one or two more as a consequence.