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Interview with K.L. Taylor-Lane

Over the next 11 and a half months, as we gear up for this amazing event, I’ll be bringing you author interviews so you can get to know the attending authors in more detail! There are lots and lots of authors for you to discover, not to mention, hundreds if not thousands of books! Why not grab a cuppa and sit back and relax! All while hearing more about our writers and their writing lives, inspirations – and maybe even a secret or two!

Q. What is the first thing people should know about you?
I’m a daydreamer and I unapologetically use bad language, like, all the time. Sooo, just keep me away from impressionable young ears… I do try to behave, I swear!

Q. Tell me which genre or trope you are most well-known for writing.
Dark romance, mainly crime and horror/gore.

Q. What is one thing people don’t know about you?
I am madly squeamish! I write horror and heavy gore and violence, but I don’t even like bruises! I can’t even look at broken nails. The thought of a cut or a broken bone makes me nauseous and light-headed.

Q. Was there a book you wrote that broke you and made you feel like you’d never write again?
Penance, book two of my Swallows and Psychos series, absolutely killed me. I re-wrote that baby three times! And I died a little during the process, but it still has some of my most favourite scenes I’ve ever written in it.

Q. Are you one of those authors for whom music is EVERYTHING and without it you’d never write?
To some extent, absolutely! I have headphones permanently locked around my neck whilst I’m in the writing process. Although, writing some of my upcoming book, Heron Mill, I had to have absolute silence! That’s never happened to me before, so it was definitely a new experience.

Q. Is your desk/writing space tidy or messy?
Tidy, if there’s mess around me, I can’t concentrate on anything but tidying it.

Q. Who or what inspires you as a writer?
I’m inspired mostly by real-life experiences, things that have happened to me personally or close around me. However, horror has a HUGE impact on me in everything I write. Films, books, theatre productions, horror/Halloween attractions and experiences, all have an impact on me. I like being scared…

Q. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or something else…?
Total Introvert! I never want to leave my house… but once you get me talking, you’ll never shut me up.

Q. The literary world moves fast, but what’s the one thing that never changes?
My love for writing. I think I’ll be passionate about my characters and their stories forever.

Q. What is your advice to authors just starting out?
Just do it! Take a deep breath and create your author page, write what you love and tell the story YOUR way. It doesn’t matter if your trope is trending or not right now, just enjoy it for you. And don’t rush, take your time and enjoy the experience, build relationships with people before diving in to work with them. And don’t be shy to reach out to your favourite authors, or authors that already write in your genre. We all started somewhere. I still consider myself a baby author and I’d be nowhere without the huge family of friends I’ve made.

Q. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
Anywhere there’s water.

Q. Your favourite place to read and/or write?
Read in bed and write outside.

Q. When you’re as old as Gandalf the Grey, how many books do you think you might have written?
Hopefully 100!

BONUS QUESTION: Tell me a secret about one of your books that nobody else knows yet!
There is a HUGE death in Persecution, book three of the Swallows and Psychos series.

Thank you so much for your time, K.L. Taylor-Lane! To find out more about this author’s work and pick up all those stalker links, click here.

If you want to meet K.L. amongst others, click the graphic below! Authors at the Armouries is about inspiration for all!

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