Interview with the Organiser . . .

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Next year, I’m hosting “Authors at the Armouries” which will be one of the biggest UK book signing events – if not the biggest multi-genre author event of 2023.

Over on my event site I’ve been interviewing attending authors so you can find out more about the depth and breadth of talent we will have on offer next year!

It only seems fair however, that I am interviewed, too. So, I asked my very talented content-marketer husband to pose a few questions that he thinks you guys might want the answers to.

So here goes . . .

Enjoy x

Which writers inspired you and does anyone continue to inspire you?

When I was young, I used to visit the library and go home with a stack of how ever many books I was allowed to take out on my one card. The next week, I’d be back…

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