Authors at the Armouries

Event Details

When: Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Where: New Dock Hall, The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1LT, UK

VIP ticket holders granted entry 10:00am – 5:00pm

General Admission is 11:30am – 5:00pm

Talks with the authors (available to all ticket holders) take place 4:00pm-5:00pm

Regency Ball After-Party 7.30pm til late

This event is open to over 16s only

Sarah Michelle Lynch invites readers to meet over 100 authors in the heart of Leeds and enjoy an unforgettable day of books, banter and ballgowns. (Names of attending authors below)

The locale, Leeds Dock benefits from restaurants, bars and hotels, plus retail and leisure facilities. The Armouries Museum (located directly opposite the signing hall) contains the nation’s treasure trove of arms, related artefacts, armour, some items dating back 1,000 years. It is truly unmissable. Keep an eye on what the Armouries itself might be organising that weekend; sometimes they put on outdoor demonstrations.

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List of Attending Authors & Their Pre-Order Forms

(correct as of 30/11/22)

Adaline Winters
A K Biggins
Alexandra Silva
Amanda Richardson
Amelia K. Oliver & Bookish Night In
Amy Davies
Amy Wilson
Andie M. Long
Anna-Maria Athanasiou
Anne Wedgwood
Arizona Tape
AR Thomas
A.S. Roberts
Ashlee Rose
Audrina Lane
Bailey Grayson
B Crowhurst
Carol Kerry-Green
Charlotte E Hart
Chloë L Blyth
Chris Turnbull
CJ Cooke
Claire Marta
Claire Shaw
Craig Hallam
Danielle Jacks
Dani René
David E Gordon
Dreia Wells
Eleanor Lloyd-Jones
Elizabeth N. Harris
Elle M Thomas
Emily Bunney
Emma Creed
Emma Luna
Emmaleigh Wynters Loader
Erin O’Kane
Frank English
Genevieve Jasper
Grace Harper
Helen Bright
Holly Bloom
Holly J. Gill
Holly C. Webb
Jenna Wolfhart
Jessica Ames
Jules Ford
J Rose
J Thompson
K.A Knight
Kassandra Cross
Katherine Isaac
Katie Jane Newman
K.L. Jessop
K.L. Taylor-Lane
K.M. Harding
Kris Butler
Kylie Kent
L. Ann
L. J. Sealey
L Summers
Lainey Delaroque
Laura Farr
Laura Greenwood
Laura Rossi
Lilith Roman
Liz Cain
L.M. Mountford
Lola King
Louisa Mae
L.S. Pullen
Lucy Felthouse
Lynda Throsby
L.W. Rogers
Madelynne Ellis
Mallory Fox/Lea Jade
Marie Anne Cope
Marie Mistry
Martin Ferguson
Melody Winter
M.F. Moody
Mia Kun
Mina Carter
Nicky Priest
Nicola Rose
Paula Acton
Rachel de Lune
Rachel Dove
Ren Blakely / B. Lybaek
Ria Wilde
Rosa Lee
Sadie Kincaid
Samantha Jayne
Sarah Michelle Lynch (pre-orders only, no sales on the day!)
Scarlett Cole
S.E. Foster
Selina Marie
Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Shannon French
Sienna Grant
Skylar Shoar
Sophie Blue
Tabitha Rayne
Thora Woods
Toni Kelly
T.F. Webb
T.L Wainwright
Tracey Jukes
Tracie Delaney
Zavi James/Naaz Spencer