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Interview with L.W. Rogers

As we gear up for this amazing event, I’ll be bringing you author interviews so you can get to know the attending authors in more detail! There are lots and lots of authors for you to discover, not to mention, hundreds if not thousands of books! Why not grab a cuppa and sit back and relax! All while hearing more about our writers and their writing lives, inspirations – and maybe even a secret or two!

What is the first thing people should know about you?
Inwardly I love anything dark and twisty but on the outside I’m all pink and fluffy, lol.

Tell me which genre or trope you are most well-known for writing.
Supernatural. Vamps and witches are my fave.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?
I’m scared of sunflowers. Like seriously, they freak me out. They’re Satan’s flowers in my eyes.

Name a book you’ve written that you wish more people had read, and why.
None yet as only had one published, but I have lots of stories in the works.

Was there a book you wrote that broke you and made you feel like you’d never write again?
Yes. My first one that I began writing whilst training as a midwife. That book is still in ‘the works/editing’ stage 10 years on.

Are you one of those authors for whom music is EVERYTHING and without it you’d never write?
Yes music plays a huge role in my writing. I can get a story just from listening to a song or seeing the title. Love listening to my rock music whilst writing.

Is your desk/writing space tidy or messy?
It may start off tidy and then end up a mess. I tend to write anywhere to be fair.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or something else…?
Bit of both, although the older I’ve got I tend to be a bit more extrovert.

The literary world moves fast, but what’s the one thing that never changes?
People’s thirst for books.

What is your advice to authors just starting out?
Keep going, even if you think what you have written is a load of crap. Somewhere amongst that could be a bestseller. Believe in yourself.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
I love New England. The history is amazing. Salem is the best.

If you could live inside any fictional world, where would that be?
Can I hop into several? Buffy…love me some Buffs, then Vampire Diaries, oooo and definitely Sabrina (the dark and twisty version of course).

Your favourite place to read and/or write?
Anywhere surrounded by trees.

When you’re as old as Gandalf the Grey, how many books do you think you might have written?
I’d hope at least ten.

What did you always want to be when you were growing up?
A writer. Since the age of eight it’s the only thing I’ve wanted to be.

Who is your biggest cheerleader?
My parents, hubby and kids and my co-writer

BONUS QUESTION: Tell me a secret about one of your books that nobody else knows yet!
Cadence’s real mum is actually still alive 😜

Thank you so much for your time, Laura!

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